Three smart, lively girls enter ninth grade at top schools, where they confront, for the first time, a world very different from the one they come from. In the nonfiction feature Long Way from Home, they grapple with the challenges of diversity in schools --- and the world of the future.

Cindy is Cambodian-American, armed with a sharp, analytical mind and an impulsive eagerness to learn soccer. Sarah is Arab-American, an ice skater of haunting grace, a teenager with outspoken views. Sage is African-American, her apparent reserve masking a quiet determination to take on chemistry as well as the issues.

An intimate story told from the perspective of the girls themselves, Long Way from Home is a journey through the inner landscape of their experiences. With their indomitable teenage spirit, the girls share the thrill of youthful adventure, the tumultuous emotions of coming of age, and the anxiety of measuring up to the standards of the world they suddenly find themselves in.

With the freshness and honesty of a first encounter, Cindy, Sage, and Sarah also pierce through the preconceived notions of their new world, whose attitudes, outlooks, and lifestyles do not necessarily encompass a larger sense of experience or history. Long Way from Home captures their courage, determination, and resilience, as it poses the crucial question:
     How does a society steeped in traditions, ideas, and biases of the past, learn to embrace diversity as a strength?