One Hand Don't Clap

Featuring Lord Kitchener and Calypso Rose

With David Rudder, Black Stalin, Mighty Duke, Natasha Wilson, Growling Tiger, Lord Pretender

One Hand Don't Clap captures the story of calypso and the emergence of soca, or soul calypso, through the eyes of two legendary artists, Lord Kitchener, the Grandmaster of the music, and Calypso Rose, the first woman to break through in a traditionally male arena. This nonfiction feature film follows the music with its lively, irreverent characters, from New York recording studios to the awesome magic of Trinidad Carnival, where a star is born when newcomer David Rudder wins the title of Monarch of the Year.

"The foreigner is not so acquainted with this beat. Because when he was born, he was born in 4/4 time", laughs Lord Kitchener. He recorded his first album in London in 1948, just before Harry Belafonte turned the international spotlight on calypso. Forty years later, Kitchener composed "Sugar Bum Bum", the largest selling soca hit of all times.

As a quiet, softspoken young girl, Calypso Rose shocked her family with her sassy, provocative stage presence. When Rose won the crown at the 1978 Carnivaltime competition, the old title of Calypso King gave way to the reign of the new Calypso Monarch. Today she is credited with all-time calypso/soca classics like "Mo Tempo" and "Fire Fire".

One Hand Don't Clap explores the cultural origins and emotional depths of calypso, whose infectious rhythms draw from the unique blend of the region --- African roots and East Indian melodic lines, Latin American merengue and black American jazz and soul. The result is a powerful musical force from the Caribbean.