Media: Long Way from Home
by Carol Holzberg

This revealing documentary about cultural diversity and sense of place paints a tender yet uneasy portrait of three articulate freshmen at private high schools in New York City. The teenagers are Sarah, an Egyptian American and devout Muslim; Sage, an African American and daughter of a Yale University graduate; and Cindy, a Cambodian American whose parents fled the Khmer Rouge. Racial, ethnic and cultural differences clearly divide the teens at their schools, even though they are smart and talented. Clips of the girls at home, in classrooms, during after-school events, on the subway, and in other locales back voice-over comments concerning their goals, fears, insecurities, relationships, school cliques, and social class differences. This is a touching yet troubling exploration of the coming-of-age of three intellectually inquisitive, hardworking girls searching for voice and social acceptance. DVD extras include filmmaker commentary and follow-up interviews with girls, who are now in college.